Practical training on cased hemp construction

Hemp construction includes many work possibilities that all have their own detailed techniques and mixing precision; ArtCan offers specialized sessions for each types and steps of a Canalliance construction.

For a complete technical formation that will allow you to proceed to the realization of your project, you can participate to six different thorough practical formation sessions, all complementary to one another, that will deal with all aspects of hemp construction.

You may fill out the online form for the pre-inscription. This will not oblige you to anything. This way, we will be able to contact you when time will come to reserve spots for the training.

These sessions are generally carried out on two days and are mainly one the weekends. In all sessions, you will attend a short theoretical part, integrated to the main part which will be more practical, in order to let you experience this type of construction site. Each session, concentrated on a single topic, will permit you to acquire better skills concerning this technique and its parameters.

1 – The outside envelope

The first session will be spent on the making of the outside walls. In the theoretical part, you will assist to work preparation, visit foundations and skeleton, learn about electricity and form work, and see all tools used and creativity. In the practical part, you will learn thermal mixing, implementation, rhythm, form work, form work removal, recoveries and other important details.

2 – Soundproof partitions

The second session will be dedicated to the making of soundproof partitions. You will see all different technical possibilities, preparation works, electricity, plumbing, systems, form work, tools, creativity, soundproof mixing, implementation, details and the difference that make our soundproof partitions unique.

3 – Floor tiles and provençal ceiling

The third session will focus on the making of a soundproof roof lining form work. You will learn several techniques relative to form work, pole skeleton, beam, triangular joist, soundproof mix, block pigmentation, other soundproof lining possibilities, the detailed technique of a successful soundproofing and finishing touches.

4 – Roof lining

The fourth session will focus on the making of the roof lining using form work. You will practice several important details such as making the dried mix for buffer zone, mixes used for weak and strong slopes, implementation, advantages concerning the pace of carrying out the project from outside and ventilation. On the theoretical part of this session, you will learn about sealing, visible hemp ceiling and much more.

5 – Ground floor tiles

The fifth session will be dedicated to the making of a ground floor tile on a drained and aired stone space. You will learn the multiple parts of this technique, which greatly displays the comfort offered by the Canalliance material. You will see the importance of a ventilated hedgehog, the multi-layer technique, tools, installation of leveled rulers, thermal mix, finish layer, sectioning, drying time, finish and system integration possibilities (another session could be devoted to this subject), advantages and disadvantages related to the making of the lining as the last step, prefabricated material for a dried, fast and multi-purpose site (without hedgehog).

6 – Lime coating on vegetal-mineral support

The sixth session will focus on the realization of a lime finishing coat. You will learn how to prepare the mix, learn about the tools used and how to properly manipulate them. You will participate to three different finish styles: sectioned coating proper to hemp walls, brushed coating, tight and thin coatings, block pigmentation and in fresco, as well as how to efficiently use your creativity. In order to achieve a sufficiently high quality, this session should last about 3 to 4 days, the cost being proportional to the length of the session.


The rates are suggested as follows:

1 session / 275$ per session / 2 to 3 days
2 sessions / 250$ per session / 4 to 5 days
3 sessions / 230$ per session / 6 to 7 days
4 sessions / 200$ per session / 8 to 9 days
5 sessions / 180$ per session / 10 to 11 days
6 sessions / 175$ per session / 13 days

Form and schedule

During the sessions, you will be given technical cards, all needed material and tools. Participants must provide their own work clothes and protection equipment (goggles, masks and gloves), and must assume all transportation, food and accommodation fees.

In order to ensure high-quality sessions, the number of participants per session will be limited to 7 or 8.

Personalized training

For interested people, sessions could be dedicated to the realization of stuc, tadlakt and other creative finish techniques. Also, sessions are offered on hemp coating, at a price of 150$. This all-in-one technique allows thermal contribution, hygrometrical regulation as well as a unique and refined finish. This session could be offered as of July.

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