The name Canalliance greatly defines this material and its implementation techniques.

The basic material used is hemp cellulose fiber mixed with natural binders that bring several living qualities to the product. By living qualities, we refer to the breathing, warm and vibratory aspects of the material that bring very concrete global comfort results.

Implementation techniques

Canalliance is a modern cob, i.e. a filling material that allows the building of the frame of an ecological building. Canalliance is a high-performance construction technique. The frame making of the building is carried out in three coherent steps, each one facilitating the following. The framework permits the installation of a light and simple form work which, once filled up, will offer a solid vegetal and mineral support, ideal for the making of limestone coating.

An Organic Architecture

  1. The wooden skeleton, 2X4 and/or pole-beam, tenon and mortise
  2. The wall, floor and roof flesh made of Canalliance
  3. The skin: finish coating made of lime

Lime coating offers an additional breathing protection, in symbiosis with the Canalliance material. This whole organic masonry is the echo of our own body constitution: the architecture, such as us, possesses a skeleton, flesh and skin.

The hemp coating, a unique and refined finish

The Canalliance hemp coating is a most interesting product for the renovation and the finish of basements. It brings thermal and hygrometrical regulation, as well as a unique and refined finish. Several savings are generated by the reduction of the number of operations used in this technique and by the incredible humidity regulation capacity of hemp coating. It is very efficient for a basement and is a quite beautiful product. Use it to create an energy-saving cocoon with a unique and inspiring finish in your home’s favored spaces. You will be pleased by the results.