Why use hemp in construction?

A bridge between ecological agriculture and ecological construction

Hemp is an annual culture which doesn’t fear competition, thanks to its great vigor. It doesn’t require pesticide treatments. Hemp is the number one choice plant for the control of unwanted plant growth and cultivation rotation.

Moreover, compared to a forest, hemp will be four times as productive in biomass for the same surface. Therefore, it is a very generous cultivation that offers solutions to abusive deforestation.

The warm comfort of hemp

This vegetal-mineral material is of great softness. The main advantage of using hemp as the basis of a construction material is the unique and warm comfort that hemp cellulose fiber brings. This fiber is very rich in silicon oxide. It actually is riddled with quartz crystals that radiate light and warmth. This is confirmed by exceptional results when it comes to energy effectiveness. In average, we observe 50% of energy saving.

Technical qualities

This rich in silicon oxide particle has a very favorable behavior when it comes to masonry. Its great absorption capacity brings important technical advantages.

The form work technique allows a great amount of architectural creativity as well as the flexibility required for the creation of curves.

A higher quality

The durability of this vegetal-mineral material is nowhere to be doubted; since many centuries, the use of clay and lime has proved itself. Entire towns are built with this technique that Italian masons call “loving marriage”. Adding to all these advantages are its animal repulsive and non-flammable characteristics.

  1. Comfortable
  2. Favorable to masonry
  3. Breathing
  4. Durable
  5. Repulsive to harmful animals
  6. Non-flammable